Project Patojitos


Project Patojitos (or “little kids” in spanish from Guatemala) is a four month pilot project that aims to study the impact of ICTs on health service delivery in remote and underserved areas. Patojitos is part of the Foundation’s strategy to build more of an evidence base on the impact that mHealth interventions can have for those who are socially isolated or in need of ongoing support.

The pilot aims to look at different interventions that could help to support breastfeeding practices among mothers in Guatemala through the use of mobile technology. This project will evaluate the impact of these interventions in the Guatemalan health care setting so as to address broader debates about the healthcare political economy

Breastfeeding can save infants’ lives particularly for those living in poor resource settings. However, new mothers in Guatemala and in many other countries often face the challenge of continuing to breastfeed whilst facing multiple pressures both within and out side the household. The introduction of mobile health programs provides an opportunity to extend health services outside of the healthcare setting and provide new mothers with immediate and accessible information and support.

Patojitos has been designed and will be undertaken as part of Jose Tomas Prieto’s doctoral thesis in Ecole Polytechnique, France.  Findings from this pilot will be made available in the upcoming months.


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