About the SHM Foundation

The SHM Foundation works globally to bring about positive social change through projects in the areas of learning and citizenship, health and the arts.

The Foundation aims to provide communities and individuals with the practical tools they need to develop innovative solutions. It uses knowledge from the humanities and social sciences to understand human motivation, and draws on academic disciplines, from philosophy to anthropology, to address social challenges.

The Foundation believes in the importance of working in partnership. It uses its resources and financing to forge new alliances which, in turn, attract the resources and financing of other organisations. The Foundation uses these partnerships to empower groups of people to bring about economic and social transformation.

The SHM Foundation actively seeks partnership with those who share its aims.

The Foundation was set up in November 2008 by Professor Maurice Biriotti and Professor Henrietta Moore, who co-founded the strategy and insight consultancy SHM Productions, based in central London, in 1996.

Learning and Citizenship

We believe that the best way of responding to social and political challenges is to get people to take a lead.

We aim to equip people to understand and tackle the issues they care about.

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We believe that people who are affected by health conditions should have the right and the means to take part in the development of solutions.

We pioneer approaches that change the balance of power between citizens and healthcare systems.

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We believe that great art should be for everyone and should be an integral part of how we learn.

We look for new ways of ensuring everyone gets the benefit of both participating in and experiencing excellent artistic experiences.

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Our most recent projects

The SHM Foundation is collaborating with a number of Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) to develop an innovative pilot project to allow PCCs to work in partnership with young people to tackle urgent priorities. Read more...

Project Khuluma aims to evaluate the feasibility and acceptability of using text messaging as a means for social networking and support among adolescents living with HIV in South Africa. Read more...

Since his appointment as the SHM Foundation's Composer in Residence, composer Stuart Hancock has worked on a brand new English song-cycle that reflects the qualities of British life today. Read more...

The LOOP was set up by the SHM Foundation in order to give learners a stronger voice in the education system. It enables learners to write reviews of their schools and colleges, and get their views listened to by institutions. Read more...

Project Patojitos (or "little kids" in spanish from Guatemala) is a four month pilot project that aims to study the impact of ICTs on health service delivery in remote and underserved areas. Read more...

Meet the team

Professor Maurice Biriotti

Professor Maurice Biriotti is a founding Trustee of The SHM Foundation and CEO of SHM Productions. Until 1996, Professor Biriotti was a full-time academic, holding posts at the Universities of Cambridge, Birmingham and Zurich. Find out more.

Professor Henrietta Moore

Professor Henrietta Moore is a founding Trustee of The SHM Foundation. Professor Moore is Chair and Co-founder of SHM Productions. She is a distinguished anthropologist. Find out more.

Anna Kydd

Anna is Director of The SHM Foundation. She co-founded one of the Foundation's first projects - Zumbido, in the state of Jalisco in Mexico - which developed support networks for those living with HIV/AIDS. Find out more.

Rose Dowling

Rose is Director of The SHM Foundation's Political Academy. The vision behind the Political Academy is to nurture a new generation of political leaders and contributors. Find out more.

Zuzana Figerova

Zuzana Figerova is Head of Development at The SHM Foundation. She has considerable experience managing complex projects both in the non-for-profit sector and in... Find out more.

Rhiannon Armstrong

Rhiannon began working with The SHM Foundation in 2013 when she was brought in to provide creative support to composer-in-residence Stuart Hancock throughout the Snapshot Songs... Find out more.

Get involved

There are a number of ways to get involved with the SHM Foundation’s activities


If you would like to make a donation to one of our projects, please click here.


Every year we have a number of voluntary placements and internships, if you are interested to find out more please e-mail us on info@shmfoundation.org.


If you would like to subscribe to our mailing list please fill in the form here.

Latest News

YC:UK: Young people spell out vision to Leicestershire’s police and crime commissioner Sir Clive Loader – Leicester Mercury

Young people have spelled out their vision for the future of policing. Leicestershire’s police and crime commissioner (PCC), Sir Clive Loader asked 25 14 to 25-year-olds to help him get an insight into young people’s views on the police. He asked them to go out into their communities and come back with ideas for reducing crime, cutting re-offending rates and improving the relationship between youngsters and the police… full story

iSpace Presents Hack4Good – iSpace

On Wednesday 25th June, 2014 iSpace Foundation will be organizing a hackathon dubbed Hack 4 Good (H4Good). H4Good is a 12 hour hackathon with the purpose of bringing together developers,designers, health and education experts to tackle social issues that can be solved in a short period of time… full story

Khuluma: The analysis of a corpus of texts exchanged by a network of HIV-diagnosed patients – King’s College London

Project Khuluma (meaning ‘to speak’ in Zulu) run by the SHM Foundation, uses simple SMS technology and basic mobile phones among HIV-positive adolescents to create peer-to-peer support groups and medical advice during the most critical period of rapid development… full story

Project Jam and Snapshot Songs – The Performance! – Body&Soul Charity

To be invited to take part in the Snapshot Songs project was an unexpected surprise. It seemed so far away at first, it was hard to get excited. All of the Project Jam team sat around a table and brainstormed ideas and shared our stories. This inspired us to start writing, figuring out some chords and starting work on the song structure. We discussed particular words that summed up our thoughts and feelings. The word that stuck out most was BRAVERY!… full story

About us

The SHM Foundation works globally to bring about positive social change through projects in the areas of learning and citizenship, health and the arts.

The Foundation was set up in 2008 by Professor Maurice Biriotti and Professor Henrietta Moore, who co-founded the strategy and insight consultancy SHM Productions, based in central London, in 1996.

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